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About Course

Learn the art of Formatting data in Excel in this FREE Course. All features have been explained with the help of illustrations.


Data Formatting in excel is extremely useful, which allows us to format the info in any way we would like.

We will change the format of data to form it as per standards or our requirements. This brings uniformity in terms of an equivalent sort of fonts, shapes, alignment and font color.

This is often normally utilized in all kinds of work like official, report creation, anything we would like to print.

This also allows people to read and understand the meaning properly if everything is within the standard format.

There are tons of way for formatting in excel. Enroll now to learn a few important ones.

What Will I Learn?

  • i. Basics of formatting
  • ii. Alignment
  • iii. Borders
  • iv. Font formatting
  • v. Number formatting
  • vi. Format painter
  • vii. Formatting shortcuts
  • viii. Exercise for learners

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Formatting Tools in Excel

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  • Video lectures
  • Exercise workbook

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  • Anyone willing to learn Excel