MS Excel: Zero to Hero Course

  • Duration 17h 30m
  • Last Update August 18, 2021

About Course

Mastering Microsoft Excel is an indispensable skill one needs especially if you're or want to work in the field of Accounting & Finance, not only in India but anywhere in the world.


This Course has been designed for beginner to advanced excel enthusiasts using a practical approach.

The Instructor is a Chartered Accountant & ex-Corporate Banker putting his decade of experience in this course to guide you step by step in Hinglish (English with a mix of Hindi) through the beginner to advanced level and beyond.

As you participate in this course you will not only master Excel tools but also build a solid foundation for financial modelling and valuation.

At the completion of this course, you will have mastered the most popular Excel tools and come out with the confidence to complete any Excel tasks with efficiency and grace.


Key Benefits of this Course:

  • Solid Excel foundation
  • Learn basic to advanced skills
  • Gain confidence in Excel work
  • Become job-ready
  • Enhance work productivity
  • Reduce mouse usage
  • Learn new applications
  • Update your Excel knowledge with the latest features

What Will I Learn?

  • Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • Learn the most common Excel functions used in the Office
  • Automate your day to day Excel tasks by mastering the power of Macros and VBA
  • Wild Card Characters in Excel no one talks about
  • Create dynamic report with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Problem-solving using Solver & What-if Analysis
  • Wow your Boss with Dynamic Charts
  • Make data DISAPPEAR but still use it for Calculations (Pro Hack)
  • Access to a Finance Professional with 10+ years of experience in Excel

Topics for this course

17 Lessons17h 30m

Introduction to the Course


Tour of Ms Excel & Key Basic Shortcuts

Entering Data in a Worksheet

Formatting Data in Excel

Custom Cell format, Paste special & Hyperlink

How to Filter data, create a Table & Import data

Art of Printing Excel sheets & using Math formulae

Working with TEXT functions. Flash Fill & Consolidate

Conditional Formatting & Use of IF function

Managing data using SUBTOTAL and the dynamic CHOOSE formula

Amazing Pivot Table

Working wonders with HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH & OFFSET

VLOOKUP & Its alternative DGET

The Crucial WHAT-IF Analysis

How to FORECAST & the Magical Wild Card Characters

Introduction to VBA and the Problem SOLVER

Creating Dynamic Charts

About the instructor

CA Kuldeep Sharma


Kuldeep is a Chartered Accountant by qualification. He is experienced in the field of project financing and financial analysis for over 8 years. He has been working in the Commercial Business Banking division of a reputed bank managing an asset portfolio of over INR 3000 million to his credit. He also teaches Financial Modelling & Valuation, Project Financing, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance etc. He's been a mentor to numerous students both offline and online. He has been into teaching for over a decade which is very well reflected in his teaching style. Experienced in Banking and Financial services, his work exposure includes financial modeling, financial analysis, financing green-field projects, working capital finance, corporate debt-restructuring, strategic debt-restructuring, loan documentation, exposure to various loan products, LCs & BGs and similar activities. In his spare time, he likes cruising across the hills on his Royal Enfield somewhere in the North-Eastern region of India.
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Material Includes

  • 17+ hours of content
  • 2 years validity
  • Unlimited views
  • 14+ downloadable exercise sheets
  • Certificate of Completion


  • No pre-requisites
  • Language: Hindi & English mix

Target Audience

  • Commerce graduates
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Company Secretary
  • Cost Accountant
  • MBA
  • Anyone willing to make a career in Finance & Accounting
  • This course is the stepping stone for you if you're willing to take up Financial Modelling & Valuation.